Our Approach

Adept helps organizations implement positive and sustainable change through a three phase approach customized to fit your organization.

Adept is made up of a group of professionals with experience in a variety of disciplines. Each of our professionals has experience as a frontline management professional in a production, manufacturing, or service industry and is a full time employee of the company. Additionally, our senior consulting professionals have held middle or executive level management positions. Having this “real world” experience provides Adept professionals with a base of understanding critical to developing a working relationship with clients. Specific areas of discipline where our professionals have hands on experience are; Production and Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Energy Management, Environmental compliance and Safety program management. The educational make up of our professionals consist of college or university level degrees with a minimum requirement of a Bachelors of Science or Arts degree. Many of the Adept professionals hold an advanced level Masters degree.

In addition to the formal education of our professionals, Adept consultants have value added business training in lean manufacturing disciplines, effective meeting facilitation, training, and energy management systems. Additionally, each employee has been trained in our proprietary change management process that is the foundation for achieving sustainable results.

All Adept Senior Managers have experience in the consulting industry. The ability to draw on a vast pool of experience in different industries provides Adept the ability to develop creative solutions that work, and more importantly, pass this knowledge on to clients.

We are in the field with you coaching and training your leadership team while enhancing the current management system. Our people work alongside your team where the work gets done. They involve rather than instruct. We focus on accountability and leadership at the “Point of Execution.” This allows our clients to achieve significant results by optimizing operational effectiveness.


Why choose the adept approach
  • Specialists at changing behaviors at the point of execution
  • Totally committed to your organization’s success
  • Able to deliver sustainable results through your people
  • Act with integrity and professionalism at all times
  • Our people are experienced and knowledgeable
  • We do not use your site as a training ground
Our Proven ADEPT Methodology
  • Fully adaptable to your organization’s requirements
  • Provides a methodical approach to implementing and perpetuating change
  • Engages all members of your organization in the change process
  • Consistently delivers tangible results (both operational and financial)
  • Guaranteed results measured by our proven evaluation process which we customize to meet your specific needs
Our Classroom Management Training Workshops
  • On-site training expands your team’s knowledge base and competencies
  • Clarifies and aligns your team’s roles and responsibilities
  • Builds team environment as participants communicate openly and transparently
  • Aligns and reinforces organization wide goals and expectations
  • Focused on the needs of your employees
Our Delivery of Measurable Results
  • Proven track record for delivering on our commitments
  • 90% level of repeat work with our satisfied clients
  • Extensive reference list to attest to our capabilities
  • Impact your bottom line
  • We deliver what we say we will deliver!
What we deliver to you - sustainable results
  • Management Operating Systems – The tools that allow you to generate the right information at the right time to make informed and valued-added decisions
  • Coordinator Program – A trained facilitator in your organization that is able to lead your team through the change process well after the engagement has ended
  • Continuous Improvement Process – The ability to adapt the management operating system to drive changes to your business process as your business conditions change
  • Audit Processes – Tools that allow you to self-access your execution and identify areas for improvement

Our Process

Introductory meetings are conducted with the prospective client's Senior Leadership Team to introduce Adept and to understand their business needs, priorities and objectives. We will also discuss the benefit of working together, as well as, the scope and nature of the potential opportunities.
  • Assessment
  • When we have a client who has an interest in improving the organizational effectiveness, we undertake an analysis of the operation. It takes us three to five weeks to complete the analysis. The Analysis is detailed and professional. It is designed to provide decision makers with the factual and critical data necessary to make a decision regarding the best path forward.

    “This is the information we need to make improvements, plus a summary of what it means and what its worth”! – Complex manager of a multi site chemical manufacture.

If, during the course of the analysis, we see that we can substantially improve the client’s operating and organizational effectiveness, and deliver a guaranteed return on your investment within one year after completion of the project, we submit a proposal. If you accept the proposal, then we become involved in a project.

Project Implementation

Project implementation is a time phased implementation of all of the necessary activities to bring about the favorable change in your organization. Each project is designed uniquely to address the operating deficiencies that are identified in the Analysis. Central to our Project implementation is the coaching and mentoring of your leadership and, front line management and individuals in their work environment.

Adept brings the classroom into the field.
– CEO of a leading steel manufacturer.

Sustainability & Continuous Improvement

Sustainability of the operating improvements achieved during the project implementation phase is always a critical success factor. Business changes at a rapid pace with the ever-changing market and operating conditions. It is vital that a business keep pace by developing a continuous improvement environment.

The Coordinator Program trains at least one of the client’s people to understand and implement the change process and associated methodologies used to bring about change. In addition to this, ‘The Continuous Improvement Audit Process’ (A no cost post project follow-up process to ensure the perpetuity of the gains) will insure that the necessary behaviors are being executed after the Adept team has left the facility.



  • Our people are experienced
  • Proven methodology
  • Management training workshops tailored to your specific requirements
  • Delivery of results – Guaranteed
  • A sustainable process