Change Management closes the gap between strategic direction in the board room and delivery of results on the shop floor. It pursues alignment between management's direction and how the plan is executed on the floor through consistent and quantifiable measurements ensuring the team makes the right decisions in a timely basis. In this fashion the message is clearly communicated and variances are addressed before it's too late and action cannot be taken.

The AMS Group does not sell change as a way to drive agreement and implementation because selling does not assure a sustainable process. We believe people need to understand what change means and give them the support and mentoring to cope with change effectively. When the team understands that they will be a functioning part of structuring that change - change can and will be sustainable. Change must involve the team; change cannot be dictated, however the change process can be facilitated and enabled.

Change Process - Transition Management

change process

Some General Guidelines We Follow:
  • Change must have clearly defined goals and objectives both short and long term
  • Change is not imposed - change is part of the organization
  • Communication must take place with all levels of the organization to create buy-in
  • The team must be involved and leadership must be empathetic to the needs of the team
Some Key Steps to Successful and Sustainable Change
  • Develop clear measure to quantify change management
  • Develop a clear plan
  • Communicate, involve and enable the organization to participate in the change
  • Develop a sense of urgency
  • Empower the team
  • Celebrate successes both large and small
  • Utilize in-house experience and expertise - have your aces in their places

Through implementation of Adept's process everything from Key Performance Indicators, meetings and reports, to the way meetings are scheduled and conducted is covered. Our process shortens the decision making process, builds best practices and vastly improves the amount of productive work an organization can do with the same resources.