Post Mergers and Acquisitions

Functional integration is critical to the success of any acquisition strategy.  Having a dedicated resource that understands your goals and objectives and has a proven track record of success will help in the optimization of a successful merger.  The AMS Group understands that the faster two companies are able to integrate their functions, the sooner the benefits can be realized.  We help companies who are acquiring other organizations to optimize this relationship.

We know that getting a transaction completed is only part of the effort.  Another critical success factor is to ensure that after the transaction is done, there is a good executable strategy to streamline and merge operations in a timely and effective manner.  This is where experience counts.  There are many things to consider:

  • Pre-acquisition assesment
  • Post merger or acquisition integration
  • Success metrics and dashboard measurement tracking
  • Corporate governance critical success factors

When your company merges with another, we will work with you to merge current processes, as well as, determine which processes will work best.