We know how important it is to have the proper level of quality and service in any organization. We also know that companies with high levels of service quality have a distinct competitive advantage. Through exceptional quality and service an organization is able to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and succeed where their competitors fail. Quality and service excellence involves the key components of producing a service or good: having the right people in the right place at the right time with the right behaviors, equipment/process capabilities, training, tools, materials, expectations, leadership and motivation.

How can you know what changes are necessary or improvements to make in order to deliver excellent service? Are your quality standards sufficient? Are your service levels correct for your product and market? At The AMS Group we recognize that it is important to measure where you are today so you can improve for tomorrow.

Deming & Shewhart PDCA Cycle

Cost of Quality & Service Excellence

At The AMS Group, we ensure that your organization is working with an accurate picture of the true cost of poor quality and service including scrap, rework, change and expediting fees, late and/or missed order costs, administration and communication.  This will allow an accurate measure of the opportunity so true root cause analysis can take place, driving continuous improvement and ultimately allowing you to control and manage your business effectively.