Reliability Management maximizes the return on physical assets through their lifetime. We view the maintenance function as one of the most critical support functions in the ongoing survival of any organization that is producing a product or providing a service.

This requires the recognition relationships: between people and their work, between the drive for maximum performance and the need for reliability and uptime through effective mananagement.

Process Realities

The AMS Group approach to reliability management starts with the essentials. In the key areas of employee productivity, management and optimized production we quickly assess what is happening in your organization. Then we work to achieve sustainable and positive change in reliability performance - understanding that the premium asset is usually people and their experience.

General Philosophy:
  • Management excellence is an essential part of an organization’s strategy
  • Management is equal, if not more important, to other operational departments
  • Employee ownership of the equipment is paramount
  • Management skill based flexibility is critical to ensure multi craft capability
  • Clear expectations based on work content are required to ensure adequate management resource loading
  • Planning and scheduling of assets and resources must be done in an integrated manner
  • Work measurement – Key Performance Indicators will drive appropriate behaviors
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance used in the right balance will effectiveness
  • Active managment of contractors is required
  • Leadership must provide clear roles and responsibilities
  • Issue resolution must be have robust root cause analysis and link to continuous improvement goals
  • Organizational coordination between maintenance and production
Key Questions to Ask:
  • Does your maintenance operate in a reactive mode?
  • How do you utilize the equipment operator’s experience to improve machine up-time?
  • What happens when a critical operation goes down for an extended period of time due to a minor issue?
  • How do you know that the benefits of your preventive maintenance program are being realized?
We focus on your People Processes and Systems to bring about sustainable change to your organization.

      Culture Change and      People Development

    Improvement Processes

         Complex & Facility        Management Systems
Culture Change Risk Management & Equipment Lifecycle Continuous Improvement
People development at all levels Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing Implementation Contractor and Supplier Management
Organizational Structure Development & Re-engineering Precision Maintenance Program implementation Disaster Recovery Programs
Performance & Reward System Equipment History Program Development and Implementation Engineering and Maintenance Management Integration
Management Skills training Skills Training Assess Management Program Design Housekeeping and Asset Care Processes & Programs
Management System Development Preventative Maintenance Systems Materials Management
Problem Solving & Cross Functional Team Development Predictive Maintenance Systems Standard Operating Procedures
Goal Alignment and Roles / Responsibility Development   Total Site Performance Metrics / Dashboards / CEO Dashboard