Energy Management Program

The Adept Energy Process is a proven measurable implementation process which drives energy cost reduction and continuous improvement. A typical engagement not only brings a 10% to 25% reduction in energy cost, but also reduces your facilities environmental greenhouse gas emissions. Average projects generate a measurable minimum of 250% rate of return.

We use data and facts. Our unique method Demand Based Modeling provides a solid platform for identifying the optimum operating parameters and setting realistic expectations.

We change behaviors - Our experience has shown us that most companies treat energy cost as a fixed line item cost in their budget. HOWEVER, consumption of energy, utilities and raw material are controllable and manageable. Your frontline management is responsible for controlling over 95% of your company’s resources, including energy.

There are only 4 ways to reduce energy cost

In our experience we have found that less than 5% of your Frontline Manager’s time is spent proactively managing and controlling your resources. Many companies do not have a comprehensive energy management system and metrics.

In order to recover these opportunities, AMS provides three key deliverables:

  1. Customized energy management operating system
  2. Business process optimization through a bottom-up approach
  3. Energy cost management delivering sustainable results


Who we are:

After many years and multiple successful projects, Adept has developed a solid reputation in energy cost reduction programs.

  • Our proven implementation methodology guarantees measurable and quantifiable results in your organization which are sustainable year over year - without capital investment.
  • Our people have years of combined management experience within a variety of companies.
  • Our team has valuable experience and proven skills that can reduce your energy cost per unit and implement a culture of continuous improvement.
  • This implementation process does not require you to invest any capital to optimize performance and realize savings.
  • Our team works within your current operating system. We maximize your current equipment, systems and resources.
  • We guarantee our results.
  • Adept works in many different industries such as manufacturing, steel, assembly, chemical & utility, as well as, maintenance related disciplines.

What we do:

Many organizations are struggling to control operating costs. Energy costs can be a significant component in these costs. We believe that the daily management of energy cost is as important to the success as daily management of safety, quality, processes and production.  Our implementation process delivers sustainable bottom line results and integrates energy cost management into the existing management process.

  • The first step is to complete an in depth assessment of your organization to quantify your operational opportunity.
  • Following the detailed review of your process, systems, culture and performance we work hand in hand with your management team on the floor to implement and execute our process.
  • We work with your existing personnel, systems and equipment to reduce your energy cost and eliminate waste without capital investment.
  • Through our process efficiency, output and yields are significantly improved and show on your bottom line operating performance.
  • Improve operating performance with NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT
  • 10% - 30% reduction in energy utilization
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Savings are achieved with no unfavorable affect on Service Quality, Environmental or Safety
  • Efficiency, Output and Yield are significantly improved and show in your bottom line operating performance

How we reduce your energy cost:

We work with your team to identify opportunities where savings can be achieved through procedure and maintenance related improvements. Teams are trained and developed to be responsible for ensuring process improvements are implemented as the performance measurement systems tracks improvements and quantifies the effects of change. We apply our unique Demand Based Modeling Methodology to identify optimum operating profiles and identify the optimum levels of energy use per unit of production and create a feedback loop for the systems to highlight variances and off schedule situations.

  • Identify areas of opportunity and assign responsibility
  • We work on site to implement the processes that reduce your energy costs
  • Quantify and measure performance improvements
  • Develop energy targets for consumption by area
  • Increase the organization’s awareness of the cost of energy
  • Develop and implement a customized Energy Management Operating System
  • Savings begin in as few as 6 - 10 weeks
  •  Projects are typically completed in 6 months
  • The changes are sustainable and stay in effect year after year
  • Adept personnel continue after the 6 month project to ensure maximum savings are achieved through the duration of the savings agreement
  • Train and develop an energy coordinator to drive continuous improvement long after the project is completed

How do we get started:

To move forward, we look backwards to evaluate your past history and current operating conditions.

  • Evaluation of your process
  • Current management systems
  • Variance & Barrier Resolution process
  • Organizational energy awareness
  • Energy cost reduction opportunities
  • Historical statistical and financial data
  • Announce the start of the engagement to the team
  • Reduce your energy cost and deliver bottom line results