What type of industries does The AMS Group work in?

The AMS Group has experience in all types of industries and business. Our client list includes Auto assembly, Machine Shops, Steel Mills, Paper Mills, light / heavy manufacturing, power generation (fossil and nuclear), call centers, insurance policy and claims processing and service centers, plastics, food processors, printing operations, packaging and shipping.

Will The AMS Group recommend new equipment or systems that will help our organization?

Although we are exposed to many process and state of the art systems, we do not recommend them. Our process focuses on our clients’ existing infrastructure and systems. We optimize what you currently have which is typically underutilized.

How long does a project last?

Projects duration will vary based on the client, however, we typically have duration of 26 weeks. There are many factors that determine the amount of time that is required. The duration is determined through the Assessment process.

What is the experience level of the AMS Group personnel?

Our professionals are generally seasoned managers. Many have held a supervisory or manager position for a minimum of 5 - 10 years in their career.

Will the AMS Group Consultants manage our department or operations?

No. We do not mange your business for you. We work with your supervisors and management team in their day to day work environment. Our interaction and coaching is on-the-floor, where the work takes place and at mid-level management where key decisions need to be made to drive operational excellence.


How long does the assessment last?

The assessment process lasts approximately 3-5 weeks. Some of the factors that determine the time frame are the size of the operation, number of managers and supervisors and the number of facilities/locations.

What is the charge for the Assessment?

We provide the Assessment at our cost – our experience has shown us the value of The AMS Group AND the client mutually investing in this critical activity.

How much time will be required by my people during the assessment and during a project?

During the assessment, supervisors and managers ARE NOT required to make changes to their daily routines. The AMS Group personnel will be observers in the operation with supervisors as they conduct their day to day activities. Interaction is limited to those conversations, which ensure we are gathering the information to provide a well-rounded perspective on the improvement opportunities and the value potential for us to work together.


Our process is unique and proven. Our approach is tailored for each of our clients and facilitates a change in culture that is value added to the bottom line and sustainable into the future. Our people are experienced, knowledgeable, and motivated. We don’t use your facility as a training ground for newly minted MBA’s.


  • Our people are experienced
  • Proven methodology
  • Management training Workshops tailored to your specific requirements
  • Delivery of results – Guaranteed
  • A sustainable process and results